Storing Shibboleth IDP logs in a Database with IP Addresses

A tutorial to show how audit logs can be placed in a MS SQL database and also include the IP addresses of the connecting clients.

Handling Grace Logins from Novell e-Directory

The following tutorial shows how to use Shibboleth with a Novell e-Directory server that allows grace logins after a user’s password has expired.

Modifying uApprove for Microsoft SQL

A plug-in for Shibboleth known as uApprove provides an approval screen so users can see what information is being shared before being logged into a remote system. uApprove is designed to work with MySQL, however this tutorial shows how it can be easily modified to use Microsoft SQL Server.

J2EE Tutorials

Running Beans Locally that use Application Server Data Sources

This guide shows developers how to setup a local context so that code originally designed to run on an application server such as WebSphere, Tomcat or JBoss, can run in a stand-alone application without modification.

Building Java EAR files using Ant

When working on production grade web application projects, it’s important to create your own directory structure and build scripts to automate the building and deployment process without the need of an IDE such as Eclipse or NetBeans. This tutorial will take you through automating the build process of a web application using Apache Ant as well as giving you a better understanding of exactly how web applications are laid-out and built within the EAR file.

Java’s Checked Exceptions

One of the biggest design flaws in Java is the Checked Exception. Considered one of those, “It was a good idea at the time,” features, this relic causes many problems in modern design patterns. This simple pattern and solution shows how to wrap all Checked Exceptions into a general SimpleException that can simplify class implementations and be used with tools such as AOP.

H.264 Video Decoding on Linux

nVidia’s Hardware H.264 (1080p) codec for Linux

nVidia’s VDPAU drive allow applications like mplayer to pass H.264 videos straight to the hardware decoder on supported nVidia video cards. This tutorial shows how to configure, compile and install the VDPAU patched version of mplayer developed by nVidia.

Using CoreAVC with mplayer in Linux

Playing 1080p or 1080i video takes a lot of processing power. If you’re attempting to play high definition video in Linux on older hardware, this guide explains how to use CoreAVC, a proprietary commercial H.264 decoder for Windows, with Linux using mplayer.

Web Hosting

Installing Awstats on a Media Temple grid-server

If you use Media Temple as a web hosting solution and you’re using one of their grid-servers, you may notice their built-in statistics tool leaves a lot to be desired. This is a comprehensive guild filled with all the scripts and steps you need to get a fully working per-domain Awstats log analyzer working on a Media Temple grid-server account. I’ve been told by people at Media Temple’s support center that they refer people to this guide when asked about setting up Awstats on a grid-server.

Guide for New WordPressMu Administrators

I created this guide as I was transitioning to WordPressMu from Ruby on Rails and Drupal. It shows some of the pitfalls I ran into during my migration.